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Mountain Trail Designs, LLC is a product design and development company located in Kennesaw, GA, USA. We offer eco-friendly cotton dog collars and leashes made of heavy-duty cotton webbing and metal hardware. Our natural fiber dog leashes include 3 distinctive designs: The Badger - a 6-foot dog leash, The Wolverine - an adjustable length dog leash, and The Grizzly - a two handle dog leash for training and traffic control. The leashes in the Grizzly collection provide a 4, 6, or 8-foot overall length and an adjustable traffic handle.

Our Newest Arrivals...

two handle dog leash

The 4ft and 6ft Two Handle Leashes have arrived! A significant number of our customers kept on asking for a shorter version of our 8ft Grizzly Leash with an additional handle for traffic control. They wanted this feature in their everyday leash.

Collars and Leashes made with High Quality Cotton Webbing

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