Custom Orders
Collars, Leashes, Tethers, Straps

Love the design, but prefer a different color? ... Need a specific size leash or collar? ... How about a specific type of hardware? Just let us know what you're looking for, and chances are we can help you.

custom cotton waist leash

What kind of custom work
do you have in mind?

Do you want a cotton waist leash?
Maybe a three-handle dog leash?
Or just a link strap or a double hook strap?

Mountain Trail Designs has a variety of sources where we can obtain materials and hardware. So if the colors, the materials, or the design can be adjusted to suit your specific application, please let us know.

custom dog leash with three handles

All we need is a little extra time to find it, get it, and build it. Pricing will be dependant upon the individual project. You can use our "Contact Form" here on our website, or you can e-mail us directly.

Custom Designs for Leashes, Collars , and Straps

custom traffic handle
Additional Feature
custom snap and ring cotton strap
Particular Application
custom cotton strap with double hook
Specific Hardware
custom dog collar
Different Size

Cotton Webbing used in some Custom Work

Our cotton dog collars and leashes come in 4 earth tone colors. But, we have sold custom collars and leashes in other cotton webbing colors...

cotton webbing - kelly green
Cotton Webbing
cotton webbing - orange
Cotton Webbing
cotton webbing - grey
Cotton Webbing
cotton webbing - black
Cotton Webbing

Hardware used in some Custom Made Leashes

We use a traditional double-bar buckle in our collars and a heavy-duty spring snap in our leashes. Yet, some of our customers have requested...

aluminum buckle
Side-Release Buckle
bolt snap hook
Bolt Snap Hook
brass bolt snap hook
Bolt Snap Hook
stainless steel snap hook
Stainless Steel Snap Hook

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