Natural Fiber
Dog Collars and Leashes

Our current pet supplies include our Cotton Dog Collars and 3 distinctive designs of Natural Fiber Dog Leashes  made from heavyweight cotton webbing and metal hardware: The Badger - a 6-foot dog leash, The Wolverine - an adjustable length dog leash from 4.5 to 7-feet, and The Grizzly - a two handle dog leash for training and traffic control with a 4, 6, or 8-foot overall length and an adjustable handle.

We also offer custom orders for collars, leashes, tethers, and straps.

Our Sources

"Mountain Trail Designs, LLC" is dedicated to manufacturing our products domestically from locally-sourced or domestically-sourced materials. Doing so supports our quest to minimize the carbon footprint.

Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A.! Our natural fiber dog collars and leashes are assembled, transformed, or fully manufactured here in the United States. We source our materials from local domestic vendors, some of which do have factories overseas. But whenever possible we utilize 100% USA-made material. We strive to reduce our transportation and environmental impact, while channeling jobs to the local manufacturing community.

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