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Bicycle Storage Racks at Ergo Bike Racks


Indoor Bike Storage

Indoor Wall-mount Bike Racks

Get your bicycle off the floor and out of the way with our vertical bicycle storage racks. These beautifully crafted Wooden Bicycle Racks are the perfect indoor bike rack due to their elegant, thoughtful and functional design which will complement the aesthetics of any living space perfectly. It doesn't have any hooks that can cause paint chips or scratches to the finish of the bicycle frame or any damage to the wheel rims. It also provides a safe proper clearance around delicate mechanical hardware components.

No-lift Bicycle Racks

Easy-to-use, Ergonomic, No-lift Bike Racks

Our Ergonomic Bike Racks are designed with ease of use in mind. They are gentle on you and the bike itself. Their vertical design allow you to slide the bike into the cradle-like position by just rolling the front wheel over the front cross bar until it is cradled into the rack and is held in position with gravity.

We offer two designs: Rigid and Retractable.

Space-saving Design

Foldable Indoor Bike Storage Solution

Our patented Retractable Bike Racks offer a unique foldable design. The pivot points and guided slide of this elegant wooden bike rack extends outward away from its mounting surface locking into a cradle-like position to hold your bike's front tire and retracts inward upon itself whenever it is not in use so that it is not protruding into your space.

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